Kachinga @Work

Offering robust employee perks is essential to a thriving workplace in which employees see themselves as fulfilled both inside and outside the office.

Surveys are showing that perk programs around financial wellness are at the top of the list for employee benefits. According to the most recent PwC Employee Financial Wellness Survey, 62% of all employees are concerned about finances*. Their survey also shows that employees bring that burden to work, and we all bring our stresses to work on occasion. Employees admit to using ~3+ hours per week managing or thinking about finances…which impacts morale and the bottom line.

Implementing our Kachinga @Work program is one step in the right direction for employees, particularly as parents apply the same principles they share with their kids in the experience.

With opportunities for personal and professional development being one of the most valued perks by employees, providing access to the Kachinga app to support the employee’s whole family with technology designed to reinforce life-long financial education will show how much your organization supports investing in kids’ futures.


If you are an HR professional or corporate change maker and would like to learn more about bringing Kachinga into your organization’s perk or gifting program, please send an inquiry to Work@Kachinga.com today
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