Our Story


Our mission at Kachinga is to bring financial literacy to the next generation by giving parents the tools and guidance to teach and empower their kids to be smart with money.

As parents first and financial literacy experts through career experience, we have a unique insight and true passion to help solve the critical challenge.

Knowing this effort begins in our own homes, the founding team of financial and technology experts collaborated to create Kachinga to help parents all over the country raise money savvy kids


With busy family schedules compounding, parents often struggle to find the time to teach kids about the importance of managing money. This includes developing work ethic and responsibility, budget planning, investing, and even how to establish and build good credit. If you aren’t aware, the statistics regarding financial health and literacy are alarming:


of people in the US live paycheck to paycheck


of adults cannot cover $1k emergency


of adults have no money saved for retirement


of the US population are considered unbanked or underbanked

Additionally, only a few states require financial literacy courses at school, and most parents lack the time and knowledge to educate their kids. Because of this, kids are unprepared when they leave the home to make decisions about money. We see way too frequently the toll this takes on many families long-term as kids begin their own adult journey.


Kachinga is more than just a great allowance, chore, and savings app with a secure parent-managed spend card for kids. We are financial education for kids and families supported by a community of parents just like you who share the goal of building good money habits for life.

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